The FRSolution Finds Diamonds Hidden in a Pile of Leads

Can Your Recruiter Find 12 to 15 Qualified Prospects Hidden in 150 Leads?

Franchise recruiters chase a lot of unqualified leads, typically making dozens and dozens of calls; month after month after month. What’s the alternative? The FRSolution from The Franchisee Recruitment Centre.

All our solutions for franchise recruitment were created by franchise recruiters for franchise recruiters. We use them every day. Now you can too. We’ll help you efficiently find, persuade and sign your most highly Qualified Prospects.

We help clients leverage a unique set of lead qualification processes, insights, and recruitment methods that identify Qualified Prospects buried in mountains of leads.

Our proven approach, a decade in the making, eliminates up to 43% of unproductive recruiting time spent chasing unqualified leads. We know. We’ve done the studies.

Now your talented recruiters can focus on your best Qualified Prospects. How many more new franchisees do you think you could sign a year if your recruiter(s) weren’t chasing ghosts?