Improves Recruiter Productivity Up to 100% Month After Month

Translates into gains of 50 to 65 productive hours every month

The FRSolution transitions your recruiting staff from chasing every incoming lead to working almost exclusively with Qualified Prospects.

The FRSolution ensures that over time all leads receive information about your franchise opportunity. The good ones rise like cream to the top.

All calls, emails and website visit behaviour are tracked for each lead. The more a lead engages, the higher their score and rank. As a lead shows real interest, we see it, track it and act on it. And guess what! A lead can ask for a call any time. Once they meet our agreed-upon criteria a lead becomes a Qualified Prospect.

The FRSolution frees up around 43% of in-house recruiter time now spent chasing “all leads” to find the few that can turn into Qualified Prospects.

So imagine 150 new leads come in. Your recruiter burns through time trying to find leads that can become Qualified Prospects. Let’s say, that’s 10 leads or 7%. The FRSolution finds those 10 magical people. Now wouldn’t you rather have your talented recruiter working those 10 Qualified Prospects instead of simply trying to find them?

FPS research has shown that franchisors are, on average, only able to make direct contact with about 20%-30% of new leads. Most leads are abandoned within 10-15 workdays of the initial contact. Why? Because the next batch of leads just showed up.

A traditional lead qualification process isn’t producing the results it used to and it’s increasingly expensive to maintain. This emerging generation of franchise investors typically shows little to no desire to engage with a ‘recruiter’ until they’ve had an opportunity to thoroughly research a franchise offer on their own. Blame the internet, but this new buyer is here to stay.

The FRSolution includes:

Readiness Roadmap

1. Criteria for a Qualified Prospect

2. Requirements (list) to gather existing story-telling assets including website, brochures, email and other content for use within the FRSolution

3. The FRSolution high-level lead journey map

Franchising Centre Account Director

1. An experienced franchisee recruitment consultant serving as a subject matter expert and a single point of contact.

Pipeline Management Setup

1. All CRM, marketing automation, email and text marketing and website tracking.

• Individual lead tracking and scoring based on the person’s online activity (i.e. email clicks, pages visited, time on page, etc.)

• Individual lead scoring that assigns a value to what a lead does

2. Reporting

• Full monthly reporting package

• Scheduled progress calls with FPS

The FRSolution Management/Optimisation

1. Ongoing activity monitoring, analysis and reporting

2. Ongoing optimisation to achieve greater lead engagement

3. Quarterly strategy review calls