Leads Go In; Qualified Prospects Come Out

Focus on the best; ignore the rest

The Franchising Centre offers unique recruitment solutions that boost recruitment ROI.

The FRSolution will advance Qualified Prospects to your attention. Your recruiters regain all that wasted time chasing unqualified leads. The FRSolution typically surfaces the 8% to 10% of leads that ultimately represent your best prospects. An FRSolution Qualified Prospect is ready to engage.

The FRSolution Ranks, Tracks and Manages Every Lead

Using advanced proprietary methods to rank, track and manage leads, the FRSolution incrementally awards more points using the personal information leads share and their online behaviour. We monitor both as guides to determine interest and engagement readiness. When their score moves them to a top rank we send them your way. These are your best Qualified Prospects.

Evidence Speaks Louder than Claims

Based on our direct experience with many franchisors of all sizes, 8% to 10% of leads who enter the FRSolution typically become Qualified Prospects.

An example of a typical franchisor using the FRSolution:

  • 150 new leads come in every month
  • 12-15 become Qualified Prospects
  • About 3-4 Qualified Prospects complete Discovery Day
  • 1-2 become new franchisees

Few recruiters hit these kind of numbers. However, if your recruiter already does, imagine if he had back the 43% of time spent chasing unqualified leads. Our experience shows that same recruiter can sign 1 or 2 additional franchisees because they have more time to do it.

See why there’s nothing else quite like the FRSolution anywhere in the UK.