Map A Story That Encourages Engagement

Qualified Prospects won’t work hard to piece your story together

Don’t force them to. A great story, if not carefully organised and mapped out, is confusing. And confusion encourages a Qualified Prospect to move on. Your challenge is to fashion an invisible “guiding hand” for a Qualified Prospect. You draw the lines but they colour wherever they want first.
Make sure the opportunity topics you select are easy to understand. Guessing slows down the education process.

Adding simple “why should I care” context to your story will position you favourably with other opportunities on their radar. You’ll be inside your Qualified Prospect’s head; guiding them to a conclusion to engage in their best interest.

Make it easy for a Qualified Prospect to engage directly with you at a time of their choosing. That means resisting the persistent urge to prematurely demand too much information and too much personal contact too soon. A Qualified Prospect knows the difference between being pushed, being sold and learning. Avoid the temptation to sell.

At first, all this may seem counterintuitive. But a well-executed, self-guided online experience will produce more Qualified Prospects. It’s important to understand that it’s all about when they’re ready; not you. In fact, a great online experience often pre-sells your entire concept before they engage with you.