Imagine If Only the Most Qualified Prospects Hit Your Recruiter’s Desk

Recover hours of wasted time working unqualified leads with the Franchising Centre

What does the Franchising Centre do?

Our team improves recruiting ROI. We keep unqualified leads away from your recruiters using a unique set of processes, insights and recruiting methods, a decade in the making.

Developed by recruiting pros for recruiting pros

Like many innovations, the Franchising Centre started with a problem. A problem facing many franchise brands…find, persuade and recruit Qualified Prospects. We discovered and documented just how inefficient, time consuming and expensive it’s become to work 100s of incoming leads only to find a very few Qualified Prospects.

Indeed, we’re confident we can turn about 50 hours a month chasing unqualified leads into productive recruiting time for every recruiter. Why? Well, we’ve done it for ourselves month after month for years now.

How did the Franchising Centre tackle these challenges?

We began at the beginning, examining recruitment pipeline management both inside and outside of franchising.

Three insights emerged.

• First, too many franchisors still try and jump immediately to live recruitment management with no filter in between; reducing overall recruitment productivity.

• Second, other industries had evolved their pipeline management processes faster than franchisors. They’d more quickly adapted as business buyer behaviour dramatically shifted from the phone to online channels. Fact: Over 70% of business research today is done online before a live conversation or visit occurs.*

• Third, business buyer online expectations changed. Today’s serious buyer is impatient and wants complete and transparent information access before engaging. Even with franchisors. If they don’t get what they want, they tend to move on.

Yet many franchisors still rely on phone-based recruiting methods that require live conversations, pioneered over 20 years ago, missing opportunities from this growing breed of new business buyer.

Our proven solutions affordably overcome all the 21st Century obstacles described above. Our solutions were created by recruiting pros; for recruiting pros to make us better at what we do. Now we’re throwing back the covers.

Don’t be fooled by single quick fix answers

Until now no one has introduced a complete solution that improves the effectiveness of lead generation efforts, lead qualification and pipeline management. We get it. We do what you do. The answers are there. So, if you’re frustrated don’t give in to quick fix temptations. This is hard work we do. Let us show you how we can help you tackle these challenges. Then decide if you want to go on the journey with us.